Aral Balkan

Our lives are a string of experiences. Experiences with people and experiences with things. And we, as designers — as the people who craft experiences — have a profound responsibility to make every experience as beautiful, as comfortable, as painless, as empowering, and as delightful as possible.’

— This is All There Is.

I’m a cyborg rights activist and one third of, a tiny not for profit working for social justice in the digital age.

At, I work on Better, an ethically designed privacy tool that stops you from being tracked while surfing the web on Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You can buy Better for iPhone & iPad on the App Store, buy Better for Mac on the Mac App Store, or clone Better for free from our source code repository.

Excuse Me, Your Unicorn Keeps Shitting In My Back Yard, Can He Please Not?

Find out why Surveillance Capitalism isn’t compatible with human rights, democracy, or a future with humans in it. Duration: 33 mins. Recorded: 7th August, 2016.


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